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Clients Talk About TakeON! – Video

Hear clients talk about their experience with TakeON! including Vodafone, NZ Post, Briscoes and more

Man in the Mirror: Leading Self to Change the World

When you’re on a world-changing mission it can be easy to look at everyone else and see all the work they need to do to change. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by all there is to be done to make a difference. 

Blog: Better results? Change your mindset from ‘relationship’ to ‘partnership’

Working in partnership

Find out how your team can build their ability to influence to create real partnerships and achieve better results for everyone

Next Event: What happened at TAKEONEDAY 2015?

TakeONEday conference 2015

Tuesday 4 August 2015, Auckland

If you weren’t lucky enough to be at TAKEONE​DAY 2015, don’t fear! Here is a recap of all the best bits and insights from across the day.

Case studies: Client video – Leading in the Vodafone Way


Hear from the Vodafone Team as they share their story about partnering with Blacksmith to deliver a game-changing leadership development programme