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We’re looking for a unicorn to join our amazing team of Auckland-based consultants.  This is a full time, permanent opportunity.

Clients Talk About TakeON! – Video

Hear clients talk about their experience with TakeON! including Vodafone, NZ Post, Briscoes and more

Man in the Mirror: Leading Self to Change the World

When you’re on a world-changing mission it can be easy to look at everyone else and see all the work they need to do to change. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by all there is to be done to make a difference. 

Blog: Why Don’t They Do It My Way?!

Do it my way!

Ever felt frustrated when your team members or colleagues don’t approach things like you would? Milena Velez explains why this is actually a really good place to find yourself.

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Coming Soon,

We’ve had an awesome year of Blacksmith and Fresh Air events in 2014 and are planning an even better calendar of events for 2015! If …

Case studies: Clients talk about TakeON! – Video

Clients talk about TakeON! video 200 x 695

In this 4.5 minute video you’ll hear from a range of clients sharing their experience of working with the TakeON! Programme to address a number …