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Webinar – Learn more about TakeON!: It’s a game changer

What do you think is a good ROI for a program for improving business performance? 100 per cent? 200 per cent? 400 per cent? Prepare to be gobsmacked!

Man in the Mirror: Leading Self to Change the World

When you’re on a world-changing mission it can be easy to look at everyone else and see all the work they need to do to change. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by all there is to be done to make a difference. 

Blog: Happy People, Happy Business

Jimi - Copyright Sam Stratton Photography

It’s a pretty simple equation: happy staff equals greater productivity and therefore greater profits. So what are you doing to make sure your people are in peak mental condition?

Next Event: Free Webinar: Learn to Love Change

Learn to Love Change

12pm NZT Wednesday 1 October, Online

Working in the new world where change never stops is the focus of our next webinar

Case studies: Conscious Leadership REAL WORLD STUDY TOUR: Creating Return on Investment AND Integrity

Seedling ROI and integrity

  There’s nothing quite like learning from those that are out there at the edge, trying new things and finding ways to create and deliver …