Why is it important

McKinsey’s ‘war for talent’ may be twenty plus years old but its certainly not over. Now as much as ever organisations are seeking ways to attract and retain key talent. Along with increased investment in employer branding efforts, culture and well-being initiatives, development programmes designed specifically to help identify, develop and retain talent and emerging leaders are coming to the fore.

Investing in this kind of intervention demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to talent and those who aspire to leadership. It elevates the talent conversation amongst the general leadership community and raises the profile of talent and emerging leaders for succession, building connection and comfort with senior management.

What we do

We believe the place to start with talent and emerging leaders is with self. When we look to some of the leading organisations on the planet, their talent development programmes are built on a foundation of self knowledge, self awareness and self mastery. But its not about self absorbed navel gazing. Our approach is to combine personal development with management fundamentals, leadership insights and enhanced business understanding.

We partner with organisations to design programmes that increase cross organisational connection and mitigate silos as participants work together on strategic business challenges. Participants have access to senior leadership mentors and build confidence through robust yet compassionate feedback to develop a growth mindset. Talent, emerging leaders and the senior leaders involved in our programmes build deep trust and understanding with each other which extends out into day to day business. As a result of their experience, participants report a renewed sense of engagement and connection to the organisation which enhances both performance and retention.

Video case study

Watch the client case study video on Fidelity Life’s emerging leaders programme called ‘High Fidelity’ below.

It was really refreshing to get a course put together that really addressed specific needs we had [and] did it in a fun and enjoyable way, and on all counts people have had a lot that they have been able to take away from it

Ed Eadie, Chief Financial Officer - Fidelity Life

This course was so relevant not just to our workplace but also our whole lives. I feel more confident and able to handle different situations and our facilitator created a supportive environment that allowed everyone to share stories and learn from one another in a meaningful way

Libby Sanderson - Bay Audiology

I can’t say enough about Blacksmith. The people who’ve come in to help us facilitate have just been amazing. They are always available. I couldn’t have enjoyed the journey as much as I did without their support, it has just been fantastic

Maureen Brown, HR Manager - DTL New Zealand