Written by Kate Billing, Founder & Creative Director, Blacksmith

(Blog title courtesy of the great Wayne Gretzky)

As with being a leader on the ice (Wayne Gretsky) or the court (Le Bron James), anyone who finds themselves called to LEADERSHIP – in sports, life or business – is in the game of taking shots.

Making decisions.

Taking risks.

Embracing vulnerability.

Being up for failure.

The game we’re playing asks us to constantly TAKE SHOTS – start a business, take a new stretchy role, put our ideas forward, decide what to do and, sometimes more importantly, what NOT to do, take punts on talent and partnerships, and much MUCH more.

RESISTANCE is part of that game

Overcoming it to take the shots that will change your business, your life and the lives of those you want to impact is a MUST.

Ben Hardy is a great example of this in action through his work as an organisational psychologist, author (‘Willpower doesn’t work’ and ‘Personality isn’t permanent’) and speaker.

I’ve been following Ben, his work and writing for a few years now and a recent blog of his – You Miss Every Shot You Don’t Take – really spoke to me, both about the work I do with leaders AND about the work I do in my own life and business.

When I first shared this piece on Linked In a few weeks ago, what struck people was:

  • I like the concept of flipping resistance and when you feel that creeping in you know it’s time to take the shot! Some awesome growth mindset tips in here.
  • Make taking shots a habit, the more shots you take the more will land. Resistance is part of the game, when you overcome it you are in flow.
  • Love this: “Courage is where you see that you don’t need to be tossed to and fro by your external conditions. This empowerment leads you to the realization that you are a steward unto yourself, and that you alone are in charge of your own growth and success.”―Dr. David Hawkins, M.D.
  • Resilience and risk tolerance. That is the salt & pepper of the business arena.
  • “Taking shots” by very nature is approach-oriented. You’re approaching your future. You’re stepping into the dark hoping there is something beneath your feet.

I invite you to give Ben’s blog a read and REFLECT on which pieces resonate the most for WHERE YOU’RE AT and the RESISTANCE YOU’RE STRUGGLING WITH.

Where could you be taking more shots?

Hit me up on Linked In with your response – sharing is a great way of taking a shot!

In the meantime, thanks for doing YOUR bit to make our world a better workplace.


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