Written by Kate Billing, Founder & Creative Director, Blacksmith

A 3-minute read and 58-minute watch

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to share my thoughts on conscious leadership by Maya Nova from Mindbalance, an expert in the mindfulness, resilience, and emotional agility space.

Maya and I have known each other about eight years, much the same period as I have been part of the Conscious Capitalism and B Corp movements, two aligned communities focused on business as a force for good and on how to evolve the model of capitalism to be fit for the world as it is now and could become.

For much longer than that though, I’ve been on my own inner adventure of conscious evolution, a lifelong adventure of growth and learning so that I may live, lead and work in more powerful and profound ways.

This ‘consciousness adventure’ is something I believe is fundamental for any leader wishing to be Fully Human and create their life, organisation, and impact in ways that are needed in the world now and into the future.

In this interview with Maya, I share my thoughts on:

  • conscious leadership starting with elevating our own consciousness
  • self-leadership as the starting point for all leadership development
  • leading not just at work but also at home and in our communities
  • human agency, stoicism, and self-awareness
  • our in-the-moment opportunities to wake up to ourselves, each other, and the world
  • doing the deep inner work of leadership
  • the impact of COVID-19 on our conscious awareness of life, work, and relationships
  • ways to meet people where they are and make these ideas and practices accessible in a corporate environment
  • addressing ‘Founder Syndrome’ in a conscious and compassionate way; and
  • being curious and deliberate in the creation of our future selves.

So make a one hour meeting with yourself, make a cuppa, grab your notebook and give us a jolly good listening-to!

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Kate and Maya Profile

Kate Billing:

Kate is the Founder & Creative Director of Blacksmith www.blacksmith.co.nz, a specialist leadership development practice focused on the development of human-centred leaders who live, lead and do business in more conscious ways.

For nearly 25 years Kate has worked in the people, culture and leadership space, building a reputation for sharp insights, compassionate challenge, warmth, and energy. Over that time she has worked within a range of industries and organisations, with leaders from the boardroom to the front line, all of whom have demonstrated their capacity for personal and collective evolution.

She believes it’s time for a new kind of leader: human-centred leaders who together will create the world we need for our shared future. Leaders who are examples of what’s possible when we commit to the highest levels of humanity and responsibility in the ways that we live, lead and do business.

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Maya Nova:

Maya is an executive coach, speaker and mindful leadership expert with over a decade of experience working with leaders and organisations to help them improve their mental and emotional agility, resilience, and wellbeing.

Some 25 years ago she started practising mindfulness and meditation, including being ordained as a Buddhist nun for 2 years. Since then, her passion has been to take mindfulness out of the purely Buddhist context, find what is of universal value and, without losing its profound essence, find creative and inclusive ways to integrate it into daily life and work. She believes that people have tremendous reservoirs of inner resources and that she can help unlock them.

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