Why is it important

At its simplest, an organisation is just a group of people who choose to come together each day to create something of value for others. Within that total organisational group are the smaller teams and individuals who must understand what it is of value they’re working together to create, why its important, how they’ll work together to do it and what everyone’s individual contribution needs to be.

Understanding and valuing the diversity within teams, both inherent and acquired, and how to access and leverage our various gifts, preferences and potential isn’t just the work of the leader. It is the responsibility of the entire team to be inclusive and discover their performance edge so that all can be engaged and high performing.

What we do

Our work in this space brings to the surface and aligns expectations around team culture and performance. Exploring ourselves at our best and our worst facilitates awareness about the conditions that support or sideline performance and provides the team with insights about how their unconscious ways of being and doing might be helping or hindering them.

We take an ‘all in’ approach with team performance which means the team leader is just another member of the team, not sitting apart in a way that reinforces their positional power. We believe they are best served by being an equal member of the team when it comes to uncovering the unwritten cultural values, behavioural handbrakes and opportunities to optimise performance of the team so they can later take those insights into their leadership practice.

Understanding individual work-style preferences and the collective behavioural shape of the team unlocks new levels of trust, understanding and connection enabling more honest and constructive conversations and ways of working. Creating connection to the organisational vision, strategy, purpose and values ensures that when the team unleash their new found performance edge their efforts are in service of the organisation’s objectives.

Video case study

Watch the client case study video on Berry Simon’s team performance workshops below.

What clients say

What I like most about working with Blacksmith was the mix of ‘human-ness’, ‘easiness’, and professionalism. When you can get all of those in one package, so that someone is easy to work with but you know that they are the very best in their field and they are going to get results, it makes it really easy

Simon Berry, Partner - Berry Simons

Blacksmith have been a great source of inspiration in assisting me in pulling together an off-site workshop to galvanise a new team and help us set our roadmap. They took the time to understand our dynamics, where we are now and where we wanted to get to. The workshop was an amazing success which can only be put down to their expertise in this area. My team are fired up and ready to go! Looking forward to working together again

Senior Manager - Fonterra

The Facilitation workshop was fabulous and they all walked away with greater confidence, an understanding of what makes great facilitation and some great practical skills

Stephanie Mears, Business Improvement Director - Bay Audiology