I consider peri/menopause to be the new edge of inclusion, wellbeing, and performance for women at work and in leadership and it’s something I am personally committed to leading change in.

As part of fuelling the growing global movement around this important subject I’m creating a series of events and workshops called ‘Pause for Thought’ – conversations about the Fully Human experience of menopause and how we can be and do better as individuals and organisations to support midlife women in the workplace.

These conversations invite you to Pause for Thought – to stop, to listen, and to think deeply as we share stories of women’s lived experiences, learn from experts in the various fields that support this stage of life, and understand how we can play our part in creating positive change: for ourselves, for the women around us, and within our organisations.

Pause for Thought – Guest 001 – Jeanette Kehoe-Perkinson

My first guest on Pause for Thought, Jeanette Kehoe-Perkinson, hails originally from Liverpool and is now based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jeanette brought with her 28 years of global experience in HR, executive leadership, and Board-level operations when she moved to Auckland with her Kiwi husband and family. Since landing on our shores four years ago, Jeanette has added her experience to the telco and banking sectors, along with Board positions across tertiary institutions, consulting practices, and the technology sector.

In the midst of settling into a new life in a new country, Jeanette experienced a deeply challenging menopause transition that impacted her personally and professionally, leading to her set up Power Pause, a New Zealand-based not-for-profit which helps organisations retain key women and assists individual women to avoid the kind of dramatic and negative experiences she had in her own journey.

In our conversation Jeanette and I talk about her Fully Human experience of menopause as an executive leader, her insights about how we can be and do better as individuals and organisations, and why she created Power Pause to support everyone travelling the pathway through menopause at work.

To learn more about Power Pause visit www.powerpause.co.nz

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