• Date: 16 & 17 November 2021
  • Venue: Suite A6, 1 Beresford Square, Auckland City


The relationship we have with our Self is the single longest partnership we have with anyone in our lives and yet we invest little to no time, energy and attention in ensuring it is a healthy one.

When it comes to the challenges and obstacles we all face as part of a 24/7, “always on”, high-change environment of life and business, self-talk can be our biggest enemy or our most powerful ally.

But we just don’t know how to tune in to it and, even if we do, we don’t like what we hear. In a series of studies people preferred to distract themselves by self-administering electric shocks rather than sit alone with their own thoughts for between just 6-15 minutes!

For women this is especially relevant. Study after study shows that women’s lack of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief, their overwhelming self-doubt, and their internal struggle with identity (creating role-conflicts like motherhood vs career, woman vs leader) lead to negative impacts on their quality of life, career success, and wellbeing.

Personal Leadership means developing our ability to connect more deeply with our “self”; build our  confidence; access our capacity for creativity, problem-solving and innovation; embrace vulnerability in order to stretch towards new opportunities or to make the most of the ones we have in our hands right now.

The most important conversation is the one you have with yourself.

Kate Billing



Tune In: Unlocking the Power of Self-talk provides a much-needed opportunity to increase your awareness of the way the brain is wired and the constant stream of ‘chatter’ it creates between your ears. We’ll explore the negative impact this has if left unchecked and the power it offers as a guide and self-coaching tool when harnessed.

This workshop brings women together as a learning community to share their experiences and insights as they explore their internal dialogue, the impact it’s having, and how to tune in and take charge of it.

The spacious, conversational design allows you to reflect on, connect with and share your own experience; to learn from the experience of others; and to contextualise new mental models, tools, and practices within your own reality. PLUS you’ll leave with a self-set action plan and an Accountability Buddy for support.

Tune In is a two-day workshop designed with ‘new ways of working’, family responsibilities, and travel requirements in mind. We begin with a 10 AM start on the first day and we finish at 3 PM on the second day in order to create space for whatever life and work requirements you may have, including traveling from outside Auckland to attend.