This event has been and gone but you don’t have to miss out – you can watch the recording HERE.



As we continue to lead through the Levels, most organisations will still be either 100% WFH or a blend of in-office/WFH. This blended approach may include ‘split shift’-style working, with teams in the office some of the time, swapping out with others on a weekly basis.

Whatever the mix is for you and your organisation, you can be certain this won’t be a short-lived thing. We can expect working in a way that requires digital connection between people to be the norm for months to come, as we work our way through Level 2 and into whatever Level 1 will hold.

MS Teams, Zoom, and Google Hangout meetings will continue for the business of work and for nurturing social connection and organisational culture. For ALL of us this means the associated challenges and opportunities of creating engagement and authentic connection through the camera of our computer or webcam.

My special guest for this FULLY HUMAN conversation is Australian film director, Mo MacRae. Along with over 25 years experience behind the camera as a director for film and television, Mo comes with a calming presence, humility, and keen insight into human nature, especially how we are when we stare down the barrel of a camera and feel observed!


Mo wants you to think about yourself as “being your own director”:

  • from the thoughtfulness you put into how your ‘audience’ (the other people on your calls) will feel because of your energy and facilitation of the experience
  • through to the fundamentals of getting your in-home ‘set’ sorted so you have the right eye height, lighting and background to look and feel at your best; and
  • really importantly, how to avoid Zoom fatigue!

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If you can’t make this event, and only want to access the recorded session, please do not register. We will send out the recording next week as part of our regular Fully Human update.  If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to FULLY HUMAN HERE.

In preparation, please:

  • Ensure you don’t have a meeting finishing immediately before this (give yourself at least 10 mins for a leg stretch, loo break, and grabbing a glass of water)
  • Be on-line and good to go with your other devices off, including email alerts (a session like this takes all your attention and we’d hate you to miss anything)
  • Have a pen and paper handy (we still love analog note-taking!)


Kate and Mo

Kate Billing:

Kate is the Founder & Creative Director of Blacksmith and she is on a mission to put the tricky business of being FULLY HUMAN at the centre of how we live, lead and work.

Kate believe’s it’s time for a new kind of leader. Human-centred leaders who together will create the world we need for our shared future. Leaders who are examples of what’s possible when we commit to the deepest levels of humanity and responsibility in the ways that we live, lead and do business.

For nearly 25 years she has worked in the people, culture and leadership space building a reputation for sharp insights, compassionate challenge, warmth and energy. Always connected to her diverse global community, Kate brings the best of what’s happening out there to New Zealand, and takes the best of our home-grown wisdom to the world.

Mo MacRae:

Mo MacRae is one of Australia’s most in demand commercial film directors and author of the upcoming book “VIDEOCONOMY: How to harness video in the new economy for your business, your brand and yourself.”

Mo has lectured and tutored in creativity and communication for over 20 years and now coaches leadership teams in the art of having On Camera Presence – how to be comfortable and confident in front of the camera to connect with and engage your audience.

In 2007 Mo won Matt Damon & Ben Affleck’s million dollar film competition, Project Greenlight, with his brother Kenn. He has gone on to direct feature films, brand content and some of Australia’s most loved TV commercials including the Sam Kekovich “Australia Day” Lamb ads. 


I hope you’ll join me and explore how to be just a little bit more fully human ‘on camera’.