Written by Kate Billing, Founder & Creative Director, Blacksmith

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This event has been and gone but you don’t have to miss out – you can watch the recording HERE.



As we head into the 2nd week of life at Level 4 in NZ, making sense of all that’s happening to us and around us can be challenging.

There’s just so much to get our heads around! Even the things which are still kind of normal we’re having to learn to do differently, both at home and at work.

Everything we ever thought we knew about leading remote teams and flexible ways of working are being tested as we’re locked in at home on our own, with our partner, with our kids, with our parents, with our flatmates or any combination thereof.

You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t experiencing an exhausting range of emotions and cognitive stretch as we relearn how to live and work, how to accept and let go of what we can’t control and how to try to make sense of what’s left.


In this practical ONE HOUR mini-workshop style Zoom meeting you’ll:

  1. LEARN a simple yet powerful FOUR question conversation framework* to help you, your home team and your work team take a breath, step back and look at what’s changing, what isn’t and what’s becoming possible as this situation continues to unfold (*from our Change Leadership Programme)
  2. PRACTICE elements of the conversation with other leaders in small, virtual break out groups just like you would in a real world workshop; and
  3. CONNECT with and get insights from other leaders just like you who are also on the change curve and leading life at Level 4.

In preparation, please:

  • Ensure you don’t have a meeting finishing immediately before this (give yourself at least 10 mins for a leg stretch, loo break and grabbing a glass of water)
  • Be on-line and good to go with your other devices off including email alerts (a session like this takes all your attention and we’d hate you to miss anything)
  • Have a pen and paper handy (we still love analogue note taking!)


Kate is the Founder & Creative Director of Blacksmith www.blacksmith.co.nz, a specialist leadership development practice focused on the development of human-centred leaders and fully human organisations.

For more than 20 years Kate has worked in the people, culture and leadership space building a reputation for sharp insights, compassionate challenge, warmth and energy. Over that time she has worked within a range of industries and organisations, with leaders from the boardroom to the front line, all of whom have demonstrated their capacity for personal and collective evolution.

She believes it’s time for a new kind of leader, human-centred leaders who together will create the world we need for our shared future. Leaders who are examples of what’s possible when we commit to the highest levels of humanity and responsibility in the ways that we live, lead and do business.

“Kate and her team excel at delivering what they promised us. Forging leadership capability. After many years and many providers I think Kate is outstanding at delivering insights and frameworks that get to the deeply human interactions. It’s bloody refreshing is probably the best way to put it. Solid, proven and science backed delivered with a sense of humour and accountability.” Steve Jurkovich, CEO, Kiwibank

“Kate goes above and beyond for her clients and tailors appropriate solutions, relevant for your business. Icebreaker has a Global Team and communication styles and cultural backgrounds vary. Kate was able to seamlessly relate to everyone at our Senior Leadership Team workshop. Her collaborative style, attention to every detail, all mixed with humility and humor sets her apart from other leadership coaches and programs I’ve seen. If you’re looking take your team to the next level, Kate and the Blacksmith Team are worth the investment.” Greg Smith, CEO, Icebreaker