Written by Milena Velez, Consulting Team Leader, Blacksmith

A 3 minute read.

Listening to podcasts has been something I’ve done when I’ve been stuck in traffic or running mindlessly on a treadmill at the gym.  With those two opportunities currently not on offer (yay! to no traffic, ugh! to no gym access, woop!), I decided to become more deliberate about seeking the wisdom and insights available through podcasts.  I set a goal for myself at the beginning of Level 4 Lockdown: to listen to a podcast every day.  I haven’t nailed it, however I’ve come pretty close and I’ve picked up some nuggets along the way.

This is the launch of my monthly blog “I’ve Been Listening” and, rather than list every single podcast I’ve listened to, I’ll play the role of curator and point you in the direction of some gold that will help you in leading yourself, leading your Work Team and leading your Home Team, three domains of fully human leadership we focus on at Blacksmith.

Domains of HCL

  • Leading Self – you lead yourself as much if not more than you lead others, so look after YOU;
  • Leading Your Work Team – your direct team, and anyone you work with, to create value for others (inside or outside your organisation);
  • Leading Your Home Team – your friends and family – the people who matter most.
  • If you look after all of these then the Community you live in and which you serve will benefit.

Here’s the personal leadership podcast gold:

Leading Self

NPR Lifekit – Anxious Thoughts? 5 Tips to Help You Sleep (26 March 2020) – Social media is saturated with tips on how to stay at your best during COVID-19.  For most of us, feeling great starts with a good night’s sleep.  Listen to host Allison Aubrey talk to sleep experts about how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) can be used as an alternative to sleeping pills to ensure you get enough shut-eye.  CBTI is not as academic as it sounds and once you listen in you’ll have five really practical tips on hand for the next time you’re tossing and turning. Tip #2 really resonated with me: Replace catastrophising thoughts with more logical thoughts

 Your Work Team

WorkLife with Adam Grant – When Work Takes Over Your Life (18 April 2018) – It’s hard to believe that this episode is two years old and still so relevant.  Adam Grant, organisational psychologist, Wharton Professor and author, shares his theory that most of us fall into two categories: Integrators and Segmenters.  Integrators blend work and home.  They enjoy keeping the lines blurred and transitioning between the two domains.  Segmenters prefer very clear boundaries between the two.  As a leader, knowing what your preference is and what your team member’s preferences are will go a long way to understanding how this new normal of working from home is impacting you and them.  In this podcast there are some great tips for setting boundaries including using the word ‘No’ and setting ‘quiet time’ policies.

 Your Home Team

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown – Brene on FFTs (20 March 2020) (or F%$#ing First Times) This is the first global pandemic I’ve been through, how about you?  Brene encourages us to try things out and also be kind to ourselves while we have our training wheels on.  I first listened to this on the 24th of March, however it still holds true.  I’m finding I’m doing things for the first time every day such as deciphering technology or helping a teen with schoolwork. Our Home Teams are also doing things for the first time too so having patience and showing compassion for ourselves and for those in our bubble will make a huge difference.

I’d love to hear what resonates for you in any of these podcasts so connect with me on LinkedIn and tag me in a post with your thoughts.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep listening and will share more of my top podcast picks in Episode Two of “I’ve Been Listening”. Watch out for that in our Fully Human update, coming early June!