There are a multitude of ‘change drivers’ shaping our world, organisations and day to day lives.

Together they are creating an urgent need for a deeper understanding of our humanness, both in individual and collective forms.

Developing and harnessing our humanness will create lives, organisations, a society and a planet fit for human habitation.

In this interactive session, Kate Billing will share her thinking on human-centred leadership and why its the primary approach required for leading self, others and organisations in the next 25 years.

She'll also discuss the importance of taking a different approach to leadership development in times of transformation in order to create the environment for real growth, sustained momentum and organisational impact.

With 'Fully Human', Kate is on a personal mission to build a human-centred leadership movement in New Zealand. She believes we can show the world how its done and demonstrate the value of taking a whole-person approach to development.

This session starts promptley at 9am and finishes at 11.30am so please make the time to stay for the entire session.

A bit about Kate Billing

Kate is renowned thinker, designer and facilitator in the New Zealand leadership space. With over 20 years experience, she is one of the Co-founders of Blacksmith, a leadership development practice specialising in the development of human-centred leaders and fully human organisations.

“There are pivotal moments and people in your life that on reflection you know were a major influence in both determining who you are and more importantly igniting the inspiration for aspirational growth in who you want to be. Kate’s humanistic approach to leadership has resonated deep within my core and opened a new chapter of self-discovery and growth. ”
- David Healey - CIO - Icebreaker

"Kate and her team excel at delivering what they promised us. Forging leadership capability. After many years and many providers I think Kate is outstanding at delivering insights and frameworks that get to the deeply human interactions. It’s bloody refreshing is probably the best way to put it. Solid, proven and science backed delivered with a sense of humour and accountability."
- Steve Jurkovich - CEO - Kiwibank

"Kate is an exceptionally gifted facilitator at the forefront of contemporary leadership practice. Kate is a true expert, and her real magic is being able to explain complex concepts in simple, real, human terms. Our Senior Leadership session was universally regarded as the most profound collective development participants had experienced - and proof that there is huge value in shared leadership development in organisations."
- Jaron Shaw - Head of Operations Services - ACC