Happy Holiday Season!

There’s nothing sure as change…

What a year, aye?! There have been dark clouds AND silver linings in a year that has brought much more than ‘change as usual’.

Amongst other things, our ways of working, living, and learning have undergone a major recalibration. Our common humanity and the smallness of our world have been brought home on a daily basis, along with enormous gratitude for the good people, experiences and things in our lives. Many of us have also had the opportunity/necessity to think differently about today, tomorrow and the future in our businesses, leadership, and ways of life.

There is no doubt in my mind that we will look back on 2020 in years to come and see it as a deep and shared shifting experience that set us, each and all, on a new path.

Whatever it has been for you, Paul, our team and I hope that you have plans for rest and renewal over the holiday break and that you arrive into 2021 with your heart full, your mind at ease, and your body energised for the adventures ahead.

From our little Blacksmith HQ Family, please stay safe and well over the holiday break and enjoy every moment with the people who matter most in your world.


P.S Just in case your trying to get hold of us, our office is closed from 18th December 2020 and opens again on Monday 18th January 2021.