TakeON! Business Partner

Blacksmith is pleased to be the exclusive NZ business partner for TakeON!  The TakeON! Management Matters and Business Matters programs, tools and resources have been designed by ON-Brand Partners, a New Zealand based international consultancy focused on design, innovation and execution around people and strategy. ON-Brand Partners have worked extensively with large organisations on complex challenges. From this work they developed TakeON! – a practical and effective approach for smaller organisations to achieve rapid results with limited investment of resources and time.

What we do

TakeON! Management Matters™

TakeON! Management Matters™ is focused on specific skills and competency development for first and second line leaders and managers. TakeON! Management Matters™ provides a structured yet flexible framework of conversations, tools and resources to engage, empower and excite your people managers. With this program, your people managers’ confidence and capability to lead and manage effectively will significantly improve.

Expected outcomes:

  • Increased manager confidence and competence
  • Increased connection and mutual support amongst managers
  • Align people with your brand, promise, operating principles and strategic objectives
  • Unlock the performance potential within your managers and their people

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TakeON! Business Matters™

TakeON! Business Matters™ is a proven solution to address common organisational challenges around people performance in your business such as

  • Turning up the heat on team performance;
  • Demonstrating personal responsibility to customers and colleagues;
  • Improving the way we operate so that we improve the service we deliver both internally and externally;
  • Helping teams understand your business priorities and how they relate to our individual targets;
  • Creating more of those small things that customers remember as the “special touch”;
  • Over 60 topics in the areas of Business, Performance, Service and People with more being added regularly.

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The ON2net™

The ON2net™ is the social learning hub and resource centre that powers TakeON!  It’s a rich and vibrant online community for people who want to create better organisations – organisations with renewed purpose where everyone is engaged, empowered and excited to deliver improved performance. Even if you’re not engaging in a full TakeON! solution, for a small annual subscription you can access a wealth of information and tools designed specifically to tackle common business challenges and deliver immediate improvements in key performance areas.

For more information on the TakeON! programmes and approach,the ON2net please EMAIL Paul.Leacock@blacksmith.co.nz or CALL him on +64 (0)9 974 3917.