Purpose & Values

The world is changing; the response to world events such as the Global Financial Crisis and natural disasters is driving a profound shift in social values. Trust is the new currency of the business environment and employees and customers are looking to align with organisations that have a strong sense of purpose and organizational values which guide “how we do things around here”.

What we do

Purpose Development

Purpose Development is about starting with WHY, discovering the unique value your organisation offers. When you lead with your purpose you engage on a much deeper level with the people that matter most, your employees, suppliers and customers. You give them a reason get out of bed in the morning, a reason to go the extra mile, a reason to choose you over the competition that nobody can replicate – it becomes your unique competitive advantage and source of emotional commitment.

Expected outcomes:

  • Alignment of leadership
  • Unique, authentic meaningful purpose
  • Increased sense of connection and engagement

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Values Discovery & Development

Values Discovery & Development involves understanding the current cultural reality of the organisation; exploring the ideal shared future (including existing business goals and vision); and then developing a set of values that will guide you and your people as you work together towards it. Through a co-creative process, we develop values that are truly unique to your organisation. They become the principles that guide you in the development and achievement of your business goals and purpose. When fully integrated, they underpin how you behave; where you invest your time and money; who and how you hire and more.

Expected outcomes:

  • Alignment of leadership
  • Understanding of current cultural reality
  • Shared view of ideal future
  • Unique set of values and guide statements

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Values Alignment & Integration

Alignment & Integration of values within your business is essential if you want them to be more than just mouse pads, yellowing posters and some words hiding on your careers site. This is where the real power is, using your values to  emotionally connect your people to deliberately shape the culture and performance of your business.  Critical to this work is the engagement of your managers and their people, facilitating their ownership and development of initiatives to ensure everyone walks the talk.

Expected outcomes:

  • Alignment of organisational and personal values
  • Increased engagement
  • Increased effectiveness and performance
  • Long term initiatives and ‘whole of business’ engagement and ownership