Leadership Alignment

Most of our relationships and projects start with some sort of engagement with the Exec or Leadership Team. Ensuring that this collection of people are engaged, aligned and in agreement around the organisational purpose, brand promise and business goals is essential.  Their daily demonstration of your organisational values is imperative if you are to truly be a values based organisation and build a sustainable and authentic culture that connects the hearts and minds of your people.  Equally important is their development and evolution as PEOPLE not just leaders.

What we do

Exec Sessions

Blacksmith Exec Sessions are ‘pit stops’ for your Exec or Leadership Team.  Designed as half or full day workshops, an Exec Session is the perfect way to get the team to step out of the business for a bite sized chunk of time to reconnect and refocus on something that’s important to them and the business – be it leading a values based organisation; creating or revisiting their Leadership Charter; understanding the value of employer branding; talking about Talent; or anything else that constitutes one of the constant corrections and touch points essential on their journey to business success and personal fulfillment.

Expected outcomes:

  • Renewed sense of connection
  • Shared knowledge, experience and ideas
  • Increased energy and momentum
  • Aligned understanding of key information and opportunities
  • United front to the business and a team that ‘walk the talk’

Leadership Unplugged

Our Leadership Unplugged Retreats and on-going programs are transformational experiences designed to support sustainable shifts in self awareness and leadership capability.  Drawing on the combined resources of the Blacksmith Team and our talent Collaborators and Associates, Leadership Unplugged provides entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders (of all levels) with the opportunity to ‘unplug and plug in’ in a way that shifts their perspective and develops them as a whole person and a connected group.  Starting with a five day residential foundation Blacksmith Leadership Unplugged retreats are ‘game changers’ for the people involved.  The follow up program of support maintains the momentum gained once leaders are ‘back at base’ and into the day to day demands of business and live.  They continue to build their professional and personal support networks, handle the fear and doubt that all come with leading from the front in our fast changing, high demand world and realise their capacity for change.  It’s a privilege to be part of their evolution as leaders and as people.

Expected outcomes:

  • Increased individual self awareness
  • Improved connection and cohesion as a professional cohort
  • Increased business network connections
  • Increased understanding and compassion
  • Greater awareness and appreciation for their strengths
  • Understanding of personal purpose and values
  • Renewed sense of pride and respect
  • Increased energy and enthusiasm
  • Increased ability to deal with ambiguity and understanding of the fear and doubt that derails
  • Strategies, action plans and support networks for elevating performance and live balance