Our Space

Blacksmith HQ

The Blacksmith Team work out of a semi-industrial ‘bunker’ on Union Street tucked in between the colourful K Road business district and Victoria Quarter in Auckland City. Our open space is filled with an eclectic collection of furniture and art that, along with our office dog Micah, creates the ‘home for business’ feel we treasure as part of our culture.

Our Team has multiple ‘zones’ to choose from throughout the day to fit their energy levels, working style and activity. We have a formal meeting space; casual meeting lounge; ‘check out’ space for reading, listening to audio books/podcasts and mid afternoon meditation; and desking at the light filled end of the space.

For our people, coming to work is a rich and rewarding part of life not something to be endured until they get back home at the end of the day. We love the warmth and energy that our space and the people in it create and so do our clients. It’s a little bit different but then so are we!

Blacksmith HQ


Our Neighbourhood

We work all over New Zealand but we deliberately chose K Road and the Victoria Quarter as our neighbourhood and ‘home for business’ because it’s a hotbed of diversity, creativity, energy, collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit.

The unique colour and flavour of our ‘hood changes constantly throughout its 24/7 life: from lively creative, business and shopping district in daylight hours to a bold, vibrant social hub after dark. This energy infuses our people and business, keeping us real and connected to the changing world outside our doors.

Our location provides us with easy access to the city and ‘fringe’, motorway on ramps are a stones throw in all directions and it’s a straight shot to the airport in 30 minutes. Wherever our clients are we can easily get to them and vice versa.

St Kevin's Arcade